”I was recommended to work with Eunice with a view that she had an alternative approach and style to me and that she could offer something different in my 1:1 Coaching. I commenced working with Eunice and realised how often I can think with my head and how out of tune I was with my body. Until this individual work I did not realise how I may show up through my body, what impact triggers were having on me and where I feel stress in my body. As this work was new to me, I often found this inquiry an uncomfortable process. However, Eunice’s warmth, openness, approach and passion encouraged me to engage, be open and explore. During our work together, I learnt a great deal about myself with a bigger focus around ‘being’ as opposed to ‘doing’. Eunice taught me a number of practices including centring which I still use now and I continue to be passionate about this approach and see the real benefits of exploring the notion of ‘being’ and bringing it into our day-to-day lives.”

Claire Hyde
Associate Director HR
London Business School