Transformative change begins with those who seek to lead it

Connecting the individual journey with the collective reality is what allows organisational transformation to unfold and sustainable change to become possible.

Having worked with leaders all over the world for many years I began to notice a common question emerging:  ‘How do I navigate a continuously changing environment in a way that is authentic to me, brings meaning and purpose to my team and delivers results for my business?’

And my answer is always the same: ‘How are you being as a leader of change?’ In other words ‘how are you choosing to show up, and how do others see you?’

Embody Authenticity is the result of many years work with leaders who have chosen to embrace a new way of looking at the relationship between the leader we are and what is being created through our interactions and conversations with those we lead.

The book is about real leaders who have led real and successful change in their organisations, and experienced positive change in their own lives too – and describes how we cannot think our way to being different; we need to embody the change we seek to lead.

“This book takes you on a journey that will ask you to deepen your inquiry into the Being of Leadership and will ignite your curiosity about a new possibility of supporting change and transformation”.

Dr Richard Strozzi- Heckler

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