Who we are

Bringing together some of the most talented people in their fields our network of consultants, facilitators and coaches understand the importance of connection and power with relationships.

Leading from personal business experience to organisational development, we know what it takes to enable genuine transformation in individuals and the organisations they lead.  Cultivating ourselves so we can show up in our full humanness is a journey we are all committed to for ourselves and those we work with.

We bring a wealth of understanding from years of working in organisations in senior leadership roles and our extensive work in shaping spaces for people to learn and grow, individually and collectively.

We speak French, German, Italian and Spanish and English.

Our Team

Our story

Our story begins at a crossroads, fifteen years ago when after a successful career in the corporate world, I decided that the time was right to strike out on my own.

Being part of the culture change programme at the BBC as well as contributing to the development of its award-winning internal coaching network, taught me that it was possible to do learning and change differently.


Three days after leaving the BBC, I made the journey to Canada to attend the Shambhala Leadership Conference – Authentic Leadership in Action. This awakened in me the possibility of a fresh approach to leadership and culture change: one that felt unique to the individual, one which was embodied, one which focused on the whole person – their context and conditioning, who they were as well as what they did both individually and collectively.


From this experience emerged a purpose and a commitment to create a boutique consultancy with the intention of enabling leaders to reconnect with their authentic human nature. My belief that our ability to act powerfully and sustainably is rooted in authenticity became the ground or the underpinning for all our eaconsult work to this day.


As I have grown eaconsult, embodying authenticity has evolved into co-creation, partnering with our clients, creating unique solutions for everyone we work with.   As I live and practice my work, it is authenticity that provides the basis for that co-creation. We invite a shift from the traditional power over to power with, fostering a client relationship based on trust.  Our relational approach means that we come alongside our clients and empower them to achieve what they want to achieve.


Our approach sparked both curiosity and partnership from a range of industries across the world. From the pharmaceutical industry to the financial sector. From tech firms to museums.  Over the years we have worked with individuals, teams and organisations across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.  Some of their stories are captured in my book, Embodying Authenticity.


As our work, and our understanding of organisations deepened I was drawn to create an offer specifically for women leaders. I’ve been that woman in the room who doesn’t have a voice. I want women to take their place in their world, to show up in a way that’s congruent to themselves. Stepping Into Your Power, the book and the programme, has been inspiring for me personally.


I work with a network of coaches and consultants who are among the best in the field. I’ve learned so much and I continue to learn from brilliant, bold and brave individuals.  Every day I witness the courage leaders show when they hold a space, admit a mistake and show vulnerability. I see how it benefits the individual and the system in which they operate.


It continues to inspire me.