Eunice Aquilina

I valued my 25 years of corporate life, learning to lead and adapt to an ever changing, complex and often-uncertain environment. However, I noticed how time and time again enabling change by acquiring more knowledge or obtaining more information was not enough. We could not simply think our way to being different. And so I began to explore how I might deepen my capacity to help my clients become the leaders and practitioners they want to be. I discovered the field of somatics and what became possible for me when I tuned into the wisdom of the body.

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This discipline called somatics has become my life’s journey and is at the heart of my capacity to support my clients to evolve and grow. I create a space for those who dare to engage in their own deeper inquiry into the wisdom of their heart, mind and spirit. In doing so, we embody our authentic self, enabling us to cultivate trust, build genuine connection with each other and produce outcomes that are meaningful.

Carrie Birmingham

Like everyone in the profession, I didn’t plan to be a HR Director when I grew up, but that is what I became. I was drawn to HR because I enjoy helping people to grow, and so I look to foster partnerships where support and challenge are possible. My own personal development, has taught me that growth isn’t possible without some pain.

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As a trainer, I became disillusioned with people’s best intentions being derailed by bosses and organisations that didn’t see their possibility. Therefore I am committed to bettering businesses WITH people, not forcing change on them. I know that changing conversations in an organisation enables the consistent delivery of a strategy. I enable this by being curious about what is holistically going on, being brave in raising awareness to this, and being creative about creating cultures where people can do their best work. Having recently been a HR Director at News UK, I understand operational pressures, can operate in challenging environments, and can deal with crises.

Stuart Whalley

I have led change throughout the entire business lifecycle from strategy, business case, design and implementation through to completion and operation for over 20 years in corporations. Having seen many different types of change complete with mixed results I have always strived for ways to help change last, for individuals, teams and organisations in our fast changing world.

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Through somatics I learned for myself that I could sustain my own changes by being clear in my purpose, my presence and my practices. I have brought this learning to my work with clients supporting their own discovery of their own aims, exploring their systems and relationships, deciding on how, when and where to focus their practice and engaging themselves in honest and open assessment of their situation.

Kate McGuire

In my early 40s, I had a profound realisation that I was waiting for other people to give me praise and recognition, rather than being able to evaluate myself from within. I had handed over all responsibility for my self-esteem, and therefore all power, to others. Since then, I’ve worked hard to build an inner self-confidence, based on my values, strengths and self-knowledge, that keeps me anchored and afloat whatever life throws at me. I know what matters to me, and this knowledge allows me to make robust decisions about the choices that face me.

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Through an amazing and often painful journey I have come to better understand myself, my passion, my purpose and my impact. This understanding, blended with some formal learning and all my personal and professional experience, has enabled my new professional form to emerge. Standing alongside those ready to step into their own transformation, I provide a space for people to connect with who and what matters, ask the real questions, face the sometimes challenging answers, and step wholeheartedly into the future without knowing what the journey or destination look like.

Chrissy Rodger

I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to grow and learn alongside my clients. Each intervention brings its own rewards, insight and further understanding of both myself, of others and the context within which we are operating. This parallel process is what makes the work I am involved in so powerful. I cannot encourage my clients to look at each experience they have to extract the learning for themselves if I am not also doing the same.

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Until I started to really understand myself and to be able to stop, centre and make more meaningful choices about how I move forward I would often find that my frustrations would get in the way of achieving outstanding results. From this place I can demonstrate the power of having an authentic voice that empowers others to find theirs. I come with a quarter of a century of experience of the corporate world together with a lifetime of learning to navigate a constantly changing world overcoming both personal and professional challenges along the way.

Bipasha Bhattcharyya

I discovered my passion for helping people very early in my work life and was fortunate enough to have wonderful professional opportunities to expand on it. Over the years, I developed my ability to understand learner behaviors and preferences in the corporate world. These years helped me understand that learning should be about Discovery, not just delivery and Exploring, not just executing. This journey also was about unlearning and adapting while working with different cultures and mindsets.

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Driven to work on something bigger, more impactful and meaningful; I gifted myself the decision to step out of the conventional corporate set up and into the more independent world of consulting and coaching. My biggest realization during this experience was that “one’s best version lies within them”. Until then, I had excused myself from this acknowledgement and thus began my journey of growing and learning with my clients. In this ever-changing world, I aspire to work on building on capabilities in order to accelerate collective learning, actions and impact.

Glyn Bottrell

I’ve lived my life following intuition, curiosity and a thirst for learning and experience. With a career spanning operational, strategic and leadership roles across a wide range of organisations, sectors and countries, by my early 40s I had a conventionally successful looking career. But my health was suffering. I knew there was something more life enhancing out there, so I launched myself into the void trusting that a new form would emerge.

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This learning underpins the philosophy I bring to my clients – know yourself, seek to understand and create space for others, work with (rather than against) the strengths, talents and possibilities that are around and within you, get clear about your purpose and what you really care about. Create the environment in which great things can happen, and play your part in making work a place where humans and humanity can flourish.


Lucia Adams

When leading one of the most seismic transformations in media history at The Times 10 years ago, I kept coming back to a gnarly challenge: ‘there must be a better way…’
The old way of ‘managing’ change was simply not fit for purpose in a VUCA world. So I began my journey towards a more human-centred and systemic approach to working with senior leaders and businesses to navigate uncertainty and harness creativity.

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The journey started at home: my professional practise is underpinned by my personal experiences and development. I love learning, having fun and working in partnership with clients – ultimately with the purpose of creating sustainable shifts with my clients – both in their personal and organisational development. I bring a ‘human centred’ approach combined with agile approaches to navigate disruption. My work has seen clients boost employee engagement and behaviour change while delivering shifts in strategy and target operating model.

Caroline Walker

With a background is in retail banking, I have over 20 years experience in learning and development, both in delivery and in project and event management.
Back in 2012, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a change in direction, away from the corporate world and currently enjoy supporting the team at eaconsult with all aspects of administration, event organisation and project management.