Bipasha Bhattcharyyya

I discovered my passion for helping people very early in my work life and was fortunate enough to have wonderful professional opportunities to expand on it. Over the years, I developed my ability to understand learner behaviors and preferences in the corporate world. These years helped me understand that learning should be about Discovery, not just delivery and Exploring, not just executing. This journey also was about unlearning and adapting while working with different cultures and mindsets.

Driven to work on something bigger, more impactful and meaningful; I gifted myself the decision to step out of the conventional corporate set up and into the more independent world of consulting and coaching. My biggest realization during this experience was that “one’s best version lies within them”. Until then, I had excused myself from this acknowledgement and thus began my journey of growing and learning with my clients. In this ever-changing world, I aspire to work on building on capabilities in order to accelerate collective learning, actions and impact.