Carrie Birmingham

Like everyone in the profession, I didn’t plan to be a HR Director when I grew up, but that is what I became. I was drawn to HR because I enjoy helping people to grow, and so I look to foster partnerships where support and challenge are possible. My own personal development, has taught me that growth isn’t possible without some pain.

As a trainer, I became disillusioned with people’s best intentions being derailed by bosses and organisations that didn’t see their possibility. Therefore I am committed to bettering businesses WITH people, not forcing change on them. I know that changing conversations in an organisation enables the consistent delivery of a strategy. I enable this by being curious about what is holistically going on, being brave in raising awareness to this, and being creative about creating cultures where people can do their best work. Having recently been a HR Director at News UK, I understand operational pressures, can operate in challenging environments, and can deal with crises.