Kate McGuire

In my early 40s, I had a profound realisation that I was waiting for other people to give me praise and recognition, rather than being able to evaluate myself from within. I had handed over all responsibility for my self-esteem, and therefore all power, to others. Since then, I’ve worked hard to build an inner self-confidence, based on my values, strengths and self-knowledge, that keeps me anchored and afloat whatever life throws at me. I know what matters to me, and this knowledge allows me to make robust decisions about the choices that face me.

Through an amazing and often painful journey I have come to better understand myself, my passion, my purpose and my impact. This understanding, blended with some formal learning and all my personal and professional experience, has enabled my new professional form to emerge. Standing alongside those ready to step into their own transformation, I provide a space for people to connect with who and what matters, ask the real questions, face the sometimes challenging answers, and step wholeheartedly into the future without knowing what the journey or destination look like.