Jolene McCullough

I’ve always had a curiosity about people and the stories that have
made them the unique people that they are. This person-centred approach
is key to how I work with leaders and teams, with a firm belief that
each is the expert on themselves and that my role is to support in
facilitating your own way forward. That we all have the capacity to
progress, to find the way that works best for you, however you might
just not be able to see it through the noise.

After working in consultancies for a number of years, I have realised
that what I am passionate about is supporting people to have better
conversations, the importance of listening and asking questions for
better understanding – to make things less complex in an already
complex and intersectional world that we live in. That learning is core
and that I am not the expert in your life however I will bring my full
presence with a bit of fun and humour.