Maxine Burrell

I live in West London although I view myself as a global citizen having had the privilege to live and work overseas; when I am not coaching, I am passionate about flying small planes, working on wildlife conservation and travelling.

Working collaboratively with my clients, I encourage them to embrace their differences and notice the little things in life. I believe that access to meaningful choices changes lives and it is this philosophy combined with my knowledge of organisations and culture that underpins how I work with my clients.

Together, we create conditions to dynamically explore the possibilities that are all around, act courageously, develop and embody an authentic presence, feel energised for what lays ahead and create optimal learning conditions for adaptive action.

Underpinning this is a MA in Executive Coaching with research in entrepreneurial leadership and culture, Human Systems Dynamics Certification, BEng (Hons) in Chemical & Process Engineering, being a Chartered Management Accountant, EMCC membership plus regular supervision.

A desire to learn enables me to offer my clients the latest ideas and approaches.