Ute Nunnenmacher

As a facilitator and coach I learned about the effect and power of coaching in helping people to change perspectives and have new insights. Simultaneously, I could see in myself and others how persistent old behaviour patterns are, especially under pressure.

Getting to know embodied coaching was a life changer for me. I could experience the difference between knowing new behaviours and being able to embody new behaviours. I developed the capacity to reorganize my nervous system to stay open present and connected. The leaders I work with want to find ways of being able to respond to unpredictable change and challenging situations whilst staying in trusting and open relationships with those they work with.

It is my passion to create a space for individuals as well as teams to work on their full potential; to show up as their best self and overcome their own limiting defensive behaviours.  I support business leaders in transforming their organisations and help teams to create better and more purposeful results.