Building innovative, impactful and vibrant teams

We believe in the importance of creating team cultures where everyone’s interactions are genuine and open, and where different perspectives are actively welcomed and listened to.

This means embracing power with and a sense of the team being greater than any one individual. We support teams to develop leadership presence, cultivate trust and know how to repair it when it is broken – opening up the possibility to have more meaningful conversations and create environments of safety, belonging and dignity.

Through fostering stronger collaboration, teams develop a deeper awareness of their habitual patterns which limit their effectiveness and learn how to shift unproductive moods in the face of business challenges. By encouraging wonder, innovation and curiosity, collective commitments emerge that support team coherence.

We are what we practice

Stephen King
Head of Talent Development

A brave step towards a new team culture

Drawn from Chapter Five in Embodying Authenticity
Eunice Aquilina

Handling emotional charge with resilience

Carrie Birmingham
Principal Consultant eaconsult