Cultivate a more inclusive culture

We believe that leadership is a practice, which goes beyond the role of a single leader to a culture generated by the collective leadership through a shared set of practices and a shared intention to create mutual value.  This means shifting from a power over leadership culture to a more relational, facilitative and collaborative power with orientation.  

Through individual and collective practices, we build leaders’ capacity to sense into themselves and simultaneously sense into the system in which they operate, making visible what is so they can intervene more skilfully. We cultivate a leadership culture where leaders have the courage to lean into the discomfort of change and engage in conversations that matter, learning to create spaces where people can process any fear and anxiety so they can learn and grow.

We have seen that by collectively building new shared leadership practices, organisations begin to create new patterns of interaction and action that support a new culture to emerge; one that emphasises the importance of relationships and harnesses the untapped potential of the collective voices.

Conscious, Engaged and Ready

Tricia Hitmar | Vice president of Learning and Assessment Innovation | Finance Sector

Growing stronger together

Laurel Starosta | Transportation, Trade Compliance and Logistics Leader US ABB

Shift the conversation, shift the culture

Patricia Taparelli
Senior Manager Leadership & Development